genomics/ bioinformatics seminars at the Center for Human and Clinical Genetics
Leiden University Medical Center
Date Speaker Title Host Group Room

March 18 Judith Boer
(Human Genetics)
Methylation profiling of colorectal cancer Judith Boer genomics/ bioinformatics T0-22

March 25 Matt Hestand
(Human Genetics)
An Introduction to Ensembl API
(Slides, General overview Ensembl)
Peter Taschner genomics/ bioinformatics T0-22

April 15 Renee de Menezes
(Human Genetics)
Classification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia using expression microarrays Judith Boer genomics/ bioinformatics V4-62

May 6 Kai Ye
Mining unique strings in genomes Peter Taschner genomics/ bioinformatics V3-36

May 20 Bart Mertens Logistic modelling applications in proteomics studies Judith Boer array statistics V2-46

June 24 Maarten van Iterson (Human Genetics)
Jelle Goeman (Medical Statistics)
Sample size estimation in microarray studies Judith Boer array statistics V3-36

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Genomics/Bioinformatics seminars focus on novel genomics technologies and analysis methods, including guest speakers.
Array statistics is a work discussion bringing together statistics people from different LUMC departments.
R user meetings are in sleeping mode. Past topics, including code is available here.

Time: 13.00-14.00
  V2-26/28 Second floor Education building Hippocratespad 21, Leiden
  V3-36 Third floor Education building Hippocratespad 21, Leiden
  V4-62 Fourth floor Education building Hippocratespad 21, Leiden
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For more information contact Judith Boer ( 9422) or Peter Taschner ( 9424) or visit our website.